Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Top 5 Interview Strategies You Need To Have As a Job Seeker.

Most interviews are set up to test or ascertain a potential employee's core competencies. Generally, interviews are never a true test of abilities, but they are however conducted to find out what sets of experiences and skills a candidate who applied for a particular job is bringing to the position and the organization at large. 

Having a successful interview depends much on the interview strategies the interviewee has at his or her disposal. 

In this post, i am going to outline some of the vital interview strategies job seekers must be armed with in order to be guaranteed a successful interview. 

1.Background Checks and Information Gathering. 

This is probably what most job seekers forget to do and have never considered it to be an important  interview strategic tool. Information gathering about the organization you are seeking employment with is very important. Visiting the company's website to retrieve information is one way i always recommend in mining relevant details. 

2.Rehearse Possible Interview Questions. 

Envisage possible interview questions that might be related to the position you applied for and prepare a comprehensive answer to the questions. It might be helpful to list them down so that it is easier to rehearse. Know your core competencies very well as most of the interview questions are likely to come from your area of expertise. 

Top 5 Things To Do During Job Hunting.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Working Smart The Panacea To Professional Growth.

Most people actually believe that hard work bring success while in the real sense working smart does. Over the years, employers of labor have done everything in cajoling their employees to work hard in order to bring development and growth to their organizations. These employers where too ignorant to know that working smart rather than working hard actually does bring what they were looking for.

To better buttress my points on this topic, lets try to define what the terms "Working Hard and Working Smart " means. Working hard in the simplest definition means toiling or expending energy without any strategic skills to getting a job or task done. On the other hand, working smart means achieving a set objectives by applying an effortless sets of professional skills.

Have you ever imagined, if hard work was truly the secrete to achieving our desired objectives, then the laborers who toil day and night would probably have become the richest people in the world since they work so hard to get every bit of their task done.

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Punctuality The Bed Rock For Careers Success.

Have you noticed that an early arrival at appointments, business meetings etc. does actually minimizes stress? Oh yeah! it does. Actually, punctuality says more about someone's reputation.

As an employer or employee, punctuality plays a major role in the growth of organizations. It is a major criteria that indicates how competence and discipline one is.

For example, when one always gets to work  on time and as early as possible, such a characteristics basically portrays the individual as a person that take charge of his or her life's activities rather than allowing these activities and circumstances to hinder him or her from performing those things he or she is supposed to achieve.

How To Effectively Invest Your Time.

Time management is a very important skills that everyone should learn to leverage in order to maximize time utilization.

You probably must have heard people saying "I wish i had a little more time". Well, once a mismanaged time is lost, it is gone forever. In this regard, it is always important to invest wisely on our time.

The following strategies will help us to effectively manage our time optimally.

1. Be Organized:

In trying to be organized, make sure you stick to the following steps.

(a) Prioritize (b) Think Ahead (c) Simplify The Task.

In prioritizing, ensure that you give attention to the most important items on the agenda before sorting out the less important ones. To help in prioritizing your activities, try always to create a to do list.

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Dealing With Sexual Harassment At Work Place.

This has been a very sensitive topic over time and is most often addressed to women who are always the victims of this dilemma. Sexual harassment at workplace is a common occurrence, in fact study had revealed that generally the female folks are subjected to one form of sexual harassment or the other at their places of work mostly from their male counterpart.
It is not entirely surprising that women go through this problem daily basically owing to the fact that men been sexual predators will always want to explore every means of cajoling their female colleagues into sexual relationships.

It is quite rare that men themselves suffers from sexual harassment at workplace and so this post is basically taking a look at some elementary ways of helping women deal with the problem of workplace sexual molestation been that they are most affected by it.

Thursday, 22 December 2016

How To Create Service Entry In SAP.

Service entry is an essential process that must be completed for the purchase order you created to be save as complete. The service entry is basically created to show that the vendor or supplier has rendered the services he or she was required to provide.

In creating a service entry, the following steps should be followed:

Use the code ML81N to gain access to the service entry sheet platform of SAP.

Place your cursor on other purchase order and click on it. 

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Tips To Keeping Your Job During The Recession Period.

 The recession period comes with a high rate of job cuts and massive layoff because of the inability of most companies and organizations to pay their employees. For most countries that have experienced recession in the world, high unemployment rate is a major problem as the cost of paying for labor becomes very high leading to a low demand in labor.

During recession prices of goods and services increases making it hard for people to afford goods and employers to pay their employees. During this period, most employers downsize their workforce and keep a small active and competent portion of their workers.

However, as an employee it is advisable to put in your best working hat during this period in other to avoid the hammer falling on you. Past records and appraisals are most often used by the top management to ascertain employees that are less productive.

Saturday, 17 December 2016

How To Delete A Purchase Order From The SAP.

In this post, i am going to briefly walk you through on how to delete a purchase order (PO) created on the SAP MM software.  As earlier noted,  POs are created when PRs are raised. However, it is possible to mistakenly create a PO that you may not wish to use.

In order to delete the created PO from the SAP MM software, below are the simple steps you have to take.

1. Log into the SAP system with your username and password.

2. Insert the code Me23n into the display box and hit enter.

3. Input the PO number to be deleted into the dialog box.

Friday, 16 December 2016

How To Create A Purchase Order Using The SAP Material Management Software.

I decided to put up this post because my wife thought it will be a great topic. The SAP enterprise resource management software is one of the software that is widely used in effectively running the businesses of most large organizations.

Today, employees with the skills on how to use the SAP software are highly sought for knowing the fact that getting a certified SAP experts or even an end users is hard to come by.

This article takes a quick look on how to create a simple purchase order (PO) using the SAP software. However, always have it in mind that a Purchase Requisition (PR) must be raised on the SAP before the PO is created.